Analyzing the claim: Lokpal Bill is Jokepal

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Most people do not understand the technicalities of the Lokpal Bill issue clearly. Also there are a lot of young voters whom one would not expect to have the required knowledge of government structure and constitution to understand the Lokpal Bill and related issues. So i am writing this post to address it.

Lokpal Bill Analysis:

IMAG0114All executive powers in the government are with the bureaucracy. The politicians themselves have no power of execution.

If a politician wants something done he orders the bureaucracy. The law is that the bureaucracy in turn can execute the order only if that order does not violate any rules.

If the order is against the constitution or rules and norms of the concerned department  the bureaucracy  is supposed to inform the politician about the rules. As per the system a bureaucrat cannot execute any unlawful order. The bureaucrats are the ones who are trained in and study law that is why they are responsible for any unlawful execution by the government.

Now the current Lokpal Bill passed by the Parliament has brought the Bureaucracy under the Lokpal. And the lokpal has been given sufficient  powers to monitor necessary investigations.

What this means: ANY unlawful action by the government can be investigated by the Lokpal.

This is why activists like Kiran Bedi and the Anna Hazare led India Against Corruption Group have being saying that the Lokpal version that has been passed is strong enough to check corruption.

Attempts to bring the any non-executive body or person like elected representatives under Lokpal is absolutely ridiculous.

For people wondering how corrupt politicians will be sent to jail. They will come under investigation if any  bureaucrat under investigation if found to have colluded with politicians in any corruption. Like A Raja was sent to jail in the 2G case. As i have already explained :  no politician alone can do any corruption without help of the bureaucracy as they have no executive powers.

Elected representatives have only legislative powers which are bound by the constitution. Any legislation that they pass can be quashed by the Judiciary if  it violates the Constitution.  ( This is why it was said that if the Parliament tried to pass the Communal Violence Bill that was proposed by the Congress it would have been thrown out by the SC as it violated the Constitution . )

Why is it absolutely foolish to talk about elected representatives to be answerable to an extra-judicial body?

– The elected representatives only have informal contact with the public (because of no executive powers ).  Their role apart from legislative functions is to interact with public, get views and feedback on issues and implement their vision using the executive bodies of the government.

Now consider this: In order to grow a plant .. the farmer first has to bury the seed.

One cannot go on asking the farmer to view the seed sown to judge its growth. It will not let the plant grow. Similarly elected representatives cannot be brought under any extra judicial body as the only power they have is to have a vision. If they are brought under any extra-judicial supervision the only use that can come of that body  is for it to be used as a hindrance.

Hence any thought of bringing the elected representatives under Lokpal is absolutely moronic. And anybody promoting it is simply trying to use the public anger against past corruption to play Messiah.

Now ……. Lokpal is the primary reason that the AAP state for their existence.

Arvind Kejriwal and AAP have resigned from the Delhi government stating that Central Gov. Lokpal is a Jokepal and they needed to pass a better one as they could do nothing without their version of stronger Lokpal for Delhi.

This should tell you everything you need to know about them.

Now let us try to find out… Who all are really responsible for trying to push these draconian laws in India intended to destabilize?

AAP leadership have successfully proven to us that they are really not good in matters of law and order.. nor do they have the caliber for law/policy making.

We know that Prashant Bhushan is predominantly hate driven.. ready to sacrifice even Kashmir to satisfy his ego.We also know that Aruna Roy — a prominent member of Sonia Gandhi headed NAC has been long time mentor of Arvind Kejriwal. NAC has been the policy making body in UPA government which has made very idiotic policies and laws. It tried to push the very anti-national Communal Violence Bill ,  got passed  the  not well thought of and financially impractical Food Security Bill etc..

To get an idea of the force behind all this please go through the following:


A phd Thesis written by an Indian student at the London school of economics.


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Ex AAP legal cell convenor and Arvind Kejriwals 7-8 year long associate alleging CIA links.


Indian National Congress, Revolution Hijacking and India’s Stockholm Syndrome

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We did not gain our Independence by ourselves….

Muffled voices have been saying this for some time now.

Even after 65+ years of British leaving India, we have not been able to come to terms with this cruel fact… External factors like World War 2 were instrumental in India and Middle East getting freedom from the British at the same time. We could not get it by ourselves and hence the looking up to the west still exists.

I have not come across any insightful study that explains that the British left because of Gandhi and Congress and not because of World War 2.

And due to this spiritual non-closure the country has been worshiping false prophets and still pathetically seeks refuge in their banter time and again.

Pure hearted freedom fighters like Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh are sidelined and even ridiculed when necessary and few cowards and revolution hijackers worshiped like gods. A virtuoso like Sardar Patel is left for the back pages of history.

Gandhi, Nehru …. their cowardly actions are dubbed vision and high spirituality. Their ideas which have not worked for decades still find praise in places like some idiot circles of JNU, and are used as foundation by Congress for policy making.

A very questionable person who needed to prove himself by sleeping with naked young girls is called Father of the Nation. He who ran away from a riot when people were getting butchered. It is pathetic beyond belief.

Its high time we call for a change in their status to selfish self-appreciation gang from Demigods. For too long we have suffered. We cannot afford to be ignorant anymore. The pressing need of today is a spiritual renaissance which will liberate us from the Stockholm syndrome situation we are in today.

After suffering from an overflow of anxiety, gullible people in the country are again bowing down to new false prophets like Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav instead of working to get closure.

Yogendra Yadav who praised Nehru’s socialist policies in Sonia Gandhi’s meeting just months before the formation of AAP is now supposedly masterminding the overthrow of Congress and said to be ushering in a change. Yogendra Yadav who has been a supporter of Communist-Socialist ideas which have crippled West Bengal to become the poorest state of the country.

For the uniformed this is what Bengal has been reduced to by the leftist-socialists :

It is now the poorest state in India, poorer than Odisha which has faced floods year after year. Poor families in Bengal have been selling their daughters for survival because of lack of jobs, income. Human Rights groups report that highest number of girls in prostitution in metros like Bombay are from Bengal.

The same situation was of some Central European countries when communist Russia left them. Pimping and prostitution was major business there. Even today Central Europe parcels women to the frustrated in America.

The sweet talking leftist Yogendra Yadav now wants to bring the entire country under policies which produce such disasters because he wants to be known as a hero who ushered change. The same policies that even Russia and China have ditched and are in the process of ditching. He had the nerve to declare after forming the government in Delhi that AAP is a socialist party.

The people need to show these arrogant, sly cowards their position in the universe and soon.

The pressing need of today is a spiritual renaissance and not a social revolution.

Show some metal India and become Bharat again.